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Monday, 30 January 2012

Delicious 100% Fat Free Cup Cakes

There were 23 cup cakes made in this project. Each one made with a polystyriene balls. I painted each ball with acrylic paint and then "iced"the balls using Texture Paste. I added lavender acrylic paint to the paste to change its colour. Once I had piped the paste ontop of each ball, I sprinkled glitter over the top. I then added my paper roses made from the Fab Scraps paper roses paper stack and then waited for the paste to dry. I also made the cup cake wrappers using my cricut machine and cup cake wrappers cartridge. The wrappers were also made from the fab Scraps High Tea paper range.

Yummy Scruptious 100% fat free"High" Tea cake

This project was made using polestyriene disc and then covered in fab Scraps High Tea paper range. I also made all the roses from the Fab Scraps paper roses paper stack.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My dream House by the sea.

My dream house by the sea was made using the Fab Scraps Chabby Chic paper range. I also used all of their die-cuts stickers and embellishments.

High tea bird house with hanging bell

I really do love this bird house with all its seperate roof tiles and hanging bell. its  simple design but I find that sometimes simple is better.

High Tea bird house with bottle top door

This little bird house was also made using the Fab Scraps High Tea paper range & embellishments. I ised their stickers, metal charms, white bling ribbon as well as thir bottle tops to complete the front door.

Double Story High Tea Bird House

This is one of my favourite bird houses that I have made. It was made using the Fab Scraps High Tea paper range.

Family Tree double page heritage layout

Another double page Family Tree Heritage layout. This layout was done using Fab Scraps Organic paper range as well as all their chipboard embellishments and stickers.. This is one of my favourite heritage layouts. The two tags at the bottom corner of each page come out of their sleeves.

Clockworcks Double page Heritage layout

This layout was done as a gift for a male client. I tried to keep it masculine by using black, red, creme and brown and then added all the vintage stop watches, clocks and cogs for a heritage feel. The frames around the photos where made using foam core to give the layout a bit of a 3D effect.

Female Heritage double page layout

This is a female Heritage double page layout with and opening booklette that includes 12 pop up photos.

Male Heritage Layout With opening booklette & 12 pop up Photos

This a a Double page Male Heritage Layout. It has an opening door/booklette that includes 12 pop up photos. I used the Fab Scraps Heritage paper range, embellishments and stickers