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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bathtime & Bubbles

This is also one of my favourite LO's. Don't be fooled, although I only used cardtock to put this layout together, it took a lot of time and patience. This is a nice LO as it doesn't cost oodles of money to put together. Techniques I used were Heat embossing, mosaicing, 3D popping for the water and glazing of the bubbles. Cheap and effective


  1. love all the diff patterns and textures of the paper on this one!!

  2. WOW... you have a lot of patience! Beautiful, and to think it's all cardstock!!

  3. Hello paula, and welcome to my blog. I hope you have enjoyed paging through my layouts. Thank you for your comment. I hope to post quite a few more layouts soon so your comments are very much appreciated.