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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Okay, A couple more cartridges up for grabs

APRIL SHOWERS: BASIC/FOUNDATIONS: A very sweet cartridge. It has beautiful Spring titles, banners, flowers, umbrellas, Gum Boots, rain clouds, Bird Cage, Bicycle, Birdcage squirells etc. ONLY R250

SPRING HOLIDAY CARDS: 30 Spring themed cards, little gift boxes, envelopes etc, also ONLY R250

TINKERBELL - One of my FAVOURITES, STUNNING STUNNING cartridge. Beautiful flowers, flourishes, mushrooms, trees, page titles and of course FARIES!!!! ONLY R450

STORY BOOK - Another one of my very BEST cartridges EVER!!!!! The BEST Cricut Font you will EVER buy. Page borders, birds, flourishes, Frames, butterflies, Page Titles and MUCH MORE. A SERIOUS MUST MUST have. Only R400

Let me know which ones you'de like.

1 comment:

  1. so nice to find another SA crafter/ scrapper who blogs. i may be interested in your cartridges, is there any way that you could pop over to my blog and follow my email button and let me know prices etc. I would collect, perhaps send me your number and we could go at it via the phone.